NFL - Gone Fishin - 1st Edition

So as we depart New Years Weekend and complete the NFL Week 17, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the “Gone Fishin” stories:

Antonio Brown.  Second, third, and even a fourth chance, and the dude still doesn’t get it?  And now he’s no longer a member of what could be one of the best teams in the league AND defending Super Bowl Champs?  We obviously don’t know the particulars yet, but this dude is a piece of work.  Anybody who signs this guy in the future should be immediately fired – hell they should be fired if they even think about it.  Good riddance.  Let’s give this joker no further attention. 

Jacksonville.  Is there a more pathetic organization in the NFL?  Oh yeah, isn’t Trent Baalke the GM of the Jags?  Yeah, go figure.  There’s the on the field product, then there’s the God-awful Urban Meyer experience.  At the very least they have the first pick and I can’t see how they relinquish that, unless they get a haul in a trade and frankly, that may be the best of all the options going forward. 

They have the #1 pick, the 1st pick of the second round, plus two high third round picks, but Shad Khan needs to blow this shit completely up and find a way to get more draft picks – be the OKC Thunder of the NFL. 

The offense stinks, the defense isn't good, and the Special Teams absolutely suck and that Special Teams Coach needs to get run out of town.

Glaring stat?  The Jags converted just under 79% of their extra points – worst in the league.  Want another one?  The Jags were the second worst in terms of kicking touch backs at 35%, and gave up 30 yards per return.  9 TD’s passing (worst in the league) and

Detroit.  What I see here is a team playing as hard as they can with the talent that they have.  I think the coach is overrated by the media scrubs, but he certainly gets them to play hard - the massacre in Seattle notwithstanding - the Sea Chickens were due and I'll get to them in a minute.  They have two first round picks, a high second round pick, and a high third round pick plus a compensatory third round pick and what appear to be needs in terms of best athlete available.  

Houston.  If it wasn’t for Jacksonville, this would be the worst organization in the NFL, and given New York, Jax, and Detroit, that’s saying a whole heck of a lot.  These clowns dicked around and got nothing for Deshawn Watson and now they’ll get nothing and like it.  At least these guys have their first, second, and third round picks, and they'd better focus on the defense.  

New York Props.   Honestly, I can’t tell with the Jets.  You can see some flashes of positive.  On top of that they have the 4th and 6th picks of the draft, plus two high second rounders as well as a high third round pick.  I like the coach and I think the offense has some pieces. 

Glaring stat?  The Jets only had six interceptions all year, but that could be because they got shredded against the run.  That, but they also had 20 interceptions of their own – tops in the NFL through 15 games.

Chicago.  Justin Fields seems to be working out and his lumps this year are certainly going to turn into positives in the future.  Now that their search for a QB is done, where do they go?  Well, they don’t have a first round pick, but they do have their second and third round picks.   I wonder if they go O-Line?

New York Midgets.   Big Blue’s offense had 23 TD’s total on the year, and only eight rushing.  I can’t even begin to imagine what Bill Parcells must be thinking wherever he is.  Easily the worst offensive team.

Fire Dave Gettleman.  What has this dude shown to deserve his job?   I would go so far as to say that this is the worst team in the Rotten Apple – and you know what that means.  No defense, a struggling offense, and what appears to me to be a sieve of an offensive line.  They have two first round picks, one second rounder and two third round picks. 

And now there's rumblings about dealing Saquon Barkley?  Uh, yeah, what are you going to get for an oft-injured RB?  You won't get much, but it'll be something and you could probably drive the price up via the teams who need a talented RB (Buffalo?)...

Carolina.  OK, so here’s the deal – no offense per se, leaving the defense on the field too long.  There’s no clear cut QB prospects to take at #7, and no second or third round picks. 

Seattle.   Here’s a team that’s 5-10 AND only given up one more point than they’ve scored, so where do you go with this?  Certainly, the glory years are gone, and the rumors persist about Russ Wilson wanting out of the Emerald City.  They have no first-round pick, but they do have their second and third round picks.  Given the depth of the NFC West, seems to me they might want to look at rebuilding. 

Seattle gave up the second most yards defending the pass,

Glaring stat?  The Seahawks were the worst in Field Goal attempts at 68.4%, which was also the least amount of attempts in the league by far. 

Washington.  The NFL needs to step in here, period end of story - those players don't deserve this shit.  All these negative reports dealing with the owner and that shithead past management has destroyed any semblance of professionalism.  They have their first, second, and third round draft picks and that’s a good thing because I cannot see any way any agent is going to steer a free agent to Washington unless it’s for the cash.  GET RID OF THE OWNER.  

On the field, count me in as one who likes Taylor Heinicke and that offense.  I think the defense has fallen apart, but could be decent, and I like the fact that Ron Rivera is the face of the franchise, but man this organization (not the team) needs a thorough douching.  I'll bet they can't wait until this Sunday and then after that the exit interviews... 

Atlanta.  Another tough one to figure, but somehow, they’ve managed to win seven games.   They seemed inconsistent, but then again, they beat who they were supposed and lost/blown out by who they were supposed to.  They have struggled at home (2-5) and it might be time to start planning for the eventual replacement for Matty Ice (who could get them a decent haul from a team that could use an experienced veteran QB). 

On defense, the team only had 16 sacks – by far the lowest amount in the league.  They have a first rounder, two seconds, and a third.  But again, where do you start with this team?  The stats are weird, and the team

Team with no hope:  Jacksonville and Carolina.

Team amongst this group with the most "upside":  At the moment Chicago and maybe Detroit.  

Anyway, have a week...