Tuesday Tantrums - a tribute to Sully


A friend of mine died the other day.  We didn’t know each other well, but he was my friend.  We’d talk on the phone and laugh and commiserate.  We’d try to come up with ideas to make our website better or generate more views.  In my mind, Sully was the guy who created our site.  He had the ideas, he had the vision that somehow we could be a Barstool-lite.   That seemed to be his vision 

But as with everything, life has different paths for all of us and we all moved on to different things, and from what I’m seeing and hearing, most if not all are doing great, and that in and of itself is a reward, at least to me.

We had fun – we talked shit, all electronically. 

Fuck the mush, let me get to the tantrums.  

1.       God Pulling Sully.  Hey God, I understand everybody needs to come home, I totally get it.  But do you need to do it in such a painful way? 

2.       Lakers to the finals.  Kiss my ass.  Miami, I’m begging you beat the living shit out of these botox infested, water thieving, fake ass bitches.

3.       Baseball playoffs.  It can’t happen, but damn if it had been Boston and Atlanta in the Series?   Would have been cool at least for the chowdahs. 

4.       College Football.  Sully might have busted a nut seeing LSU get punked.  The CFB gods gave him a win. 

5.       COVID and Cancer.  Fuck you. 

6.       Politics.  Double Fuck you.  Sully and I didn’t agree at all on politics, but you know what – we stayed friends.  We didn’t treat each other like shit, we simply disagreed.  But watching him on Social Media was learning for me.

7.       Hockey.  Tampa vs. Dallas for the Stanley Cup – in Edmonton.  Wonder what Sully might have thought about that.

8.       NFL.  My guess is that Sully would have been pleased to watch the Pats bitch-slap the Raidahs.  I’m just kind of wondering what Sully’s take would have been with Atlanta pissing that game away in Dall-ass, and just one week later dropping a big lead at home in a loss to Chicago.  My guess is that it would have been an epic rant.

9.       To those who said we couldn’t do it at You Gab:   QUADRUPLE FUCK YOU.  Sully founded it – Tim and Jeff and others built it up and while it wasn’t the force we had hoped, we kept it going until finally our lives changed. 

10.   To those we fought with or worked with at TSN who went on to careers in media – I’m happy for all but one.

As for my own rants:

NFL.  Minnesota Vikings, REAL Vikings would be pissed at you.  What in the actual fuck?  So let me get this straight – the Vikes lose to Green Bay 43-34, Indy 28-11, and Tennessee 31-30 and people are actually looking at Kirk Cousins?  I’m not a coach, but judging by the scores, I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe that the defense may have a problem?  Now they go to 0-3 Houston looking for some wins of their own.   Guess the hype was exactly that – hype.  This is a rebuild and they do have some picks moving forward, so cool. 

Hey Atlanta, did you seriously blow yet another big lead late?  C’mon man…

Final Thought.  I want to say this personally from my heart – to read that Tim and Sully worked things up made me feel good.  Sully was a good guy.  He didn’t back down – he believed what he believed.  In some cases, that is the true measure of a man.  Rest in Peace my brother. 


LOL! I'm wondering who from TSN you aren't happy for...That got me laughing good.
B.O.B. said…
I blocked his ass on every social media I have after the shit he pulled.
Yeah, He's a piece of shit! Have him blocked as well.