August in the August of Life

I was just thinking that ALREADY we are nearly 2/3 of the way through 2022.  It seems like just yesterday that I was smoking a brisket on New Year's Day contemplating what will the new year bring, and now, well, I'm thinking about the end of Summer, BUT we still have the rest of August to get through:

Lazy summer afternoons,
Walks along the beach,
Balmy evenings, cloudless skies,
Stars just out of reach,
Sailing on a quiet lake,
Hammocks in the shade…
These are the simple treasures
Of which August days are made.

- Anonymous

I was watching my crazy grandkids and their cousins all swimming, and I thought to myself - "what the hell happened to me?"  Why don't I do this stuff anymore?  Why don't I take advantage and enjoy the perks of retirement - to be that kid again while I have this short window to take advantage?  I like the water, I enjoy the outdoors, yet I live like a freaking hermit worrying about things that I can't freaking control.  Maybe it's time for some fresh perspective - to get outside, to see and enjoy what is out there.  

Considering the speed with which time flies nowadays, perhaps it's time to figure out a way to slow ourselves down, putting down the tech, and taking any opportunity to relax and gain some perspective on what is important.  But first, let's start with a poem titled "August" by Anonymous:

Laying on a hammock in the shade on a warm, breezy August day with a beverage in hand, with the only concern being was what to put on the grill?  Yes, please.

The truth is I like all this stuff that was listed in the poem.  But there's so much more in terms of simple pleasures:  that ice cream cone from the local diner, spending time behind the grill, taking rides and seeing new things, etc..  Just taking pictures of something you enjoy.  Simple pleasures that we either overlook or take for granted.  

So a few weeks back, my wife and I traveled up the hill and we stopped numerous times up that highway that I love so much.  We took lots of pictures, but we also noticed the stillness outside of a quick burst of wind.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and it was just some kind of nice - especially that 30-degree difference on weather.

So really to the young folks just starting off in adulthood, you might absolutely hate the coming 100–110-degree week currently scheduled, but I offer this thought - you are going to have a lot of changes in your life, but please for the love of God - don't ever skimp on the fun of August, and Summer in general.  When it gets too tough, take a break - go out and enjoy it - never forget what the potential of a month like August can be - and you know what, it won't cost much if you do it right.