NBA Gone Fishin - divisional round and the NBA

So before I get to the NFL losers, I just wanted to take a moment and call out the NBA - AGAIN!!!  Hey Adam Silver and the Union, how much more do you need to see out of Grayson Allen?  This little bitch is nothing more than the NBA's version of Vontaze Burfict.  ENOUGH already.  Somebody is going to be seriously hurt and you are going to be looking at some seriously negative press AND a lawsuit. 

Oh, and props to former NBA Sixth Man of the Year Eddie Johnson and the Chucksta himself for finally saying what needed to be said:  Why are we always talking about the LA Fakers, and in the case of Chucksta flat out saying that the talking heads are all up in the Lakers ass.  

By the way, before I go away from the NBA, James Harden complaining about inconsistent offciating is rich.  This guy has gotten away with more shit than the Lakers during the Shaq/Kobe run.  

NFL.  Let me get this out of the way - those games were great and were an absolute credit to the league, but what kind of flow was out there with all these fucking commercials?  It was hard to watch a game that had no flow due to the constant commercials - I can't watch that.  That's just me, but it's my blog, so I'll say it.

Something else I want to say, this to NFL coaches - stop getting cute.  You fuckers won't stop doing dumb shit in regards to play calling and that's both on offense and defense.  Play the fucking game straight, line it up and go for it.

Tennessee.  If you tell me that Tennessee was going to have nine sacks of Joe Burrow, I'd have guaran-damn-teed that the Titans would have won.  So I'm not  Jimmy "the Greek."  

Ryan Tannehill, you have Henry and Foreman running the ball, what the hell are you doing?  The first two interceptions were on you.  You freaking threw it right to Cincinnati.  As for the final interception - third and five, 20 seconds left and rather than calling the run, you got greedy?  If I'm Derrick Henry and the defense, I am fucking PISSED!!!  

I think in the off-season, Tennessee is going to be looking for a stronger QB in Free Agency, and here's a hint - there's a dude who might coming out of Green Bay (or maybe Tampa?) who might take a hard look at Nashville if they show even the slightest interest.  Two killer wide receivers, an outstanding running game, and a strong defense, in a not-so-cold climate?   

Tennessee currently has six picks in April's draft, with no Second Rounder.  I'm hoping they continue to build up the defense.   

Green Bay.  OK, let's get the obvious question out of the way - how the hell did the Green Bay Packers lose to San Francisco?   99 times out of 100, Green Bay wins this game, but when it mattered the White Wine Sippers went up to the frozen tundra and took those beer swillers and owned them in two of the three facets of the game.  

So what now for the Cheeseheads?  Of all the teams going into the off-season, it seems to me that this organization has the most questions.

Well, the immediate fix is going to be the Special Teams, but the long-term issue in the off-season is what about Aaron Rodgers?  He's been great, but now he owes the Packers an answer, and soon.  He cannot and should not leave the Packers hanging.  The one "saving grace" that will buy time is that there isn't really a strong QB in the draft, but still.

They have nine picks in the upcoming draft, but putting Rodgers to the side, I think they need to work some Free Agents in.  

Tampa.  As with Green Bay, these guys go into the offseason with many questions, all surrounding a certain 44 year old.  But what I saw wasn't necessarily the same fire I've been accustomed to seeing in the past.  Did we see the last of him?  That's up to him of course, but just like a certain cheesehead, Brady needs to make a decision ASAP and commit one way or the other to Tampa.  

While a lot of folks are happy they don't have to see Tom Brady again this year, I say this - the Yuks were a little too full of themselves.  Running smack on a clearly outmatched Philly team the week before was absolutely stupid and LA ran up in you like a pack of hyenas on their prey for the first three and a half quarters.  What, did they think LA was going to be scared coming into Tampa?

First off, I watched Leonard Fornette run on the Rams for the first series, and Tampa just went away from that.  Secondly, they lost their cool and had STUPID penalties on themselves, and yeah Tom Brady, you knew a 15 yarder was coming your way otherwise why would you say such shit before the game?  

Hey Tampa, don't let that late 4th Quarter typical LA meltdown distract you, you need to go out and fix the d-backs and seriously adjust some attitudes!!!  Bruce Arians (assuming he stays) needs to hang a foot in these players asses the minute training camp starts like Don Shula did with the Dolphins in 1972/3, and I hope he is starting that process during these exit interviews.   

This may not matter to a veteran heavy team, but Tampa has seven picks in the draft and they need to start addressing depth, particularly on the O-Line.  

Buffalo.  This is what I say to Bills Mafia - you might have got your hearts broken last night, but hold your heads up high, this team WILL be back.  I don't know that you could have done anything different against Reid and Mahomes.  No matter what however, the law of averages is against KC continuing this run and you are the next franchise up.  I can't see another AFC team out there who is ready to come in.  Cincinnati maybe, but that's about it.

Buffalo has nine picks this draft, and I imagine some free agents who might look hard at Western New York.  Continue to build upon that defense, and the coaching staff needs to find a way to contain Mahomes for a full 60 minutes.  

I'll jump on the KC/Buffalo rivalry bandwagon for the next few years.  This is awesome and I certainly will enjoy watching these two against each other for years to come.